Butta Graphite Ski & Snowboard Wax, 200g,

Butta's premium Graphite infused ski or snowboard wax is actually used by the Air + Style riders as it is perfectly suited aggressive cold snow temperatures.

The graphite infused into the pro wax also makes it well suited to indoor use in snow domes or for slushy summer snow conditions. All Butta waxes are made from a special blend high in hydrocarbons and low in fluorocarbons which gives it eco-friendly properties however still really slippy and high performing.

Each block is good for around 10 hot waxes, Butta have even added a measurement on the side of the packaging so you know how much to put on.
Features Include:
  • 200g Block
  • Easy measure guide on side of packaging
  • Awesome smelling
  • Iron temp: (around 90-120 degrees). We recommend using a mask when waxing with Graphite infused waxes.