Happiness Is Home Made Book

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We were so inspired by Körmi and her van when we saw this book that we just had to share it. Van life is a big part of what we are so we're so stoked to share this little book of joy and adventure with you.

  • Interactive workbook
  • highly motivating
  • all sorts of inspiration
  • 276 colorful pages
  • DIY ideas, recipes & mindful thoughts
  • accompanies your inner journey
  • personal travelogue about 2 years on the road
  • unique illustrations & travel photos
  • printed on 100% recycled paper in Germany
  • 200% made with love 
  • 14.8 × 3 × 20 cm

With a big lust for life, I set off on a long journey into the unknown. From Ireland all the way to the remote desert of Africa, I searched for the hidden treasure of bliss. Living with only the bare essentials and having time alone to work on myself have made me rich in a special way: rich in creative power, inner strength, peace and deep content. I would like to share this treasure with you, in the form of this book; to inspire and accompany you, with do-it-yourself suggestions, recipe ideas and all sorts of inspirations to start being mindful of your own journey.